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love bores you....

...no it disappoints me.

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it's hard to sum up what this journal is. it's testimony to something. to someone. i'm not sure if that someone is the me i used to be, the me i am now, or the me i'm going to become. maybe its about all three.

infact, more than anything it's a testament to the girl who undoubtedly changed my life...indeed changed my existence. this is for her more than anyone. the girl i love. and the girl i hate. every day of my life.

I'm not telling you about my life in the hope that you'll begin to understand. I'm telling you about my life because I absolutely know you will never understand.

:::I accumulate userpics from in and around LJ. I have a huge collection (7 years worth) so have not got "credits" for any of them. If I'm using one of your creations and you want credit/me to remove it, please tell me [nicely]. Thanks:::

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